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Born and raised in the Mississippi Delta, the seeds of Emory’s creative life were planted long before she picked up a paintbrush. Her curiosity about the world has always led her in many directions. Emory’s first creative love was writing poetry from a young age. She is a natural observer and although she grew up in rural Mississippi, her memories don’t include boredom. She valued the quiet and feels it gave her the space to create a rich inner world. Observing artists around her as she got older fed her curiosity to try painting in college, and she has painted ever since. Although she didn’t grow up with any painters in her family, Emory believes artistry has many forms. Raised by a teacher and a farmer, she was always inspired by the simplicity of the landscape around her and the creativity her mom channeled into her classroom. Emory majored in Education and moved back to the Delta after college to begin her teaching career. Emory now lives in Jackson, MS where she continues to teach and paints from the back porch of her home. Her curiosity and love of color continues to push her which shows up in her vibrant and playful work.

Instagram: emory__art
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